Chlorine Dioxide Fogger


Easy-To-Use Kit 20g Kit

Don’t Just Mask Odors; Eliminate Them!

For Cars, RVs, Hotel Rooms, Apartments, etc. Will treat 100 sq ft. Use one kit for every 100 sq ft and evenly spread out for large or multiple rooms.

Removes viruses, bacteria, germs, and allergens. Eliminates all types of odors from smoke, cooking, cannabis, Skunk, and more.


  1. Remove and discard the jar lid.
  2. Fill the jar with water to the RED fill line.
  3. Place the jar in the vehicle cup holder.
  4. Remove the 20g tablet from the foil package.
  5. Drop 20g tablet into the jar of water and exit the vehicle.
  6. Mild Odors – 2 hours | Strong Odors – 6 Hours
  7. Empty, rinse, and recycle the jar after treatment.
  8. Air out the vehicle by opening all doors and windows.
  9. Run AC for 5-10 minutes with doors and windows open.

Store in a cool, dry place. Once treatment is complete, dispose of materials according to local laws.

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Weight 6 oz